The forest relaxes and refreshes

Time spent in nature brings about many different types of benefits to your health and wellbeing, while offering a calming and relaxing experience. According to studies, just 10 minutes in nature reduces your pulse rate, slows down your breathing, lowers your blood pressure and lessens stress hormones. After more than two hours, your immune system starts to strengthen. Those who spend more than 5 hours a month in nature have noticed an overall improvement in mood and an increase in positive feelings.

Forest Mind mindfulness exercises


The Forest Mind method has been developed by experienced wellbeing coach Sirpa Arvonen, who has worked as a health and outdoor exercise coach for over 30 years.


The method insightfully makes use of the positive health benefits provided by nature and strengthens them using forest-themed mental exercises. Combining the latest guidelines in psychology, therapy and coaching processes, the Forest Mind exercises are used to consciously and intentionally develop the mind’s own ability to increase wellbeing. Forest Mind helps to increase self awareness, relax, counter stress, refresh and restore personal energy resources, even during more challenging periods in your life. You may well find new exercises that you can fit easily into your daily routine. Forest Mind will help you develop a new healthy habit of drawing strength and wellbeing from the nature environment at different stages in your life.

Yoga with trees

Hike to the near by forest to do yoga with trees. The trees will help us to root down and connect with nature trough breath and movement. In this workshop we are not aiming for perfect asanas but searching our own potential and finding the alignment within. You will learn to accept the support that the trees give and find the balance that is needed for your own growth. You will also learn and experience scientific health benefits of nature, yoga & breathing and understand how these can affect our stress level, mind, decision-making and happiness. We will find keys to help us cope with everyday challenges and to sleep better.

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Recharge in Nature